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Daniel Smith Catalog Cover: Block Prints & Watercolor

 Daniel Smith catalog cover  
 Daniel Smith Artist Materials just published their summer 2011 catalog, and I was really honored to have my art chosen for the cover.  If you'd like to learn more about how I created this art, just check out the Daniel Smith link here. I wrote a short article for them several months ago about it, and taught a class back in January at their Seattle store. I featured the work of my students on my blog, which you may enjoy taking a look at.


Mary McHugh

HI Molly
I just love this print! I received the Daneile Smith Catalog yesterday and wanted to see what else you have done. I'll look for your calendar when it comes out. Thanks!
-Mary McHugh
Drummond, WI

Molly Hashimoto

Mary, I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you like the print!

Marilyn McGuire

As you know I love this print. It looks great on the DS catalogue. Congrats!


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