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A Scold of Jays

Birds at Union Bay Natural Area

Song SparrowThis morning I strolled around Union Bay Natural Area in Seattle, including the Yesler Swamp area east of the Miller Library. I saw this Song Sparrow up close, and I'm glad to have gotten a good photo, as I'm preparing for a class I'm teaching in a couple of weeks on wildlife and birds in watercolor. It's a class I've offered several times before, and this time around I hope to work more with students on ways to integrate the surrounding landscapes.  We'll paint birds in various habitats, including waterfowl. Ring necked Duck
This morning I also saw a Ring-necked Duck in the canal near the Husky crew center at Union Bay. At first I thought this duck was a Scaup, but the white on the bill is the clue.


Simona Carini

I love the sparrow! I am always amazed at the details of a bird's plumage that become visible once you get closer. It really looks like it was posing for you.

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