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Irises in May

Iris stellar lights
Iris Stellar Lights

About 20 years ago I ordered several irises from Schreiner's in Oregon. I planted them in the garden of our previous house and when we moved some years later, I dug them up and brought them to our new house. Some of the irises have been neglected for years, and yet this year perhaps because of the very wet winter, they all came back. When weeding I often just throw them in a pot and then move them, not worrying about which iris is which.  So it was a great surprise, and a happy one, to discover some old iris friends this May.  I have loved them since I was a twelve year old in St. Paul, and our elderly neighbor, Mr. Ritt, told me all about them. May is such a fine season in the garden--the roses, clematises and irises are among my favorite garden plants, and they are all at their peak.  Two of these irises are repeat bloomers: Total Recall and Cloud Ballet.  

Iris cloud ballet
Iris Cloud Ballet
Iris total recall
Iris Total Recall


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