Tiger Swallowtail and Butterfly Bush
Students' Art from Sitka Center Workshop

Kubota Garden

Kubota StonesYesterday we visited Kubota Garden and walked in its beautiful spaces, accompanied by two volunteers who guided our tour. This is a photo of the Stone Garden, a recent addition. Kubota Gardens Landscaping reclaimed landscape rocks from a neighboring backyard whose owner no longer wanted a rock garden; the landscapers installed it in the center of Kubota Garden. I include another photo I took, as  I was struck by how colorful a Japanese garden is, even without flowering plants, or fall color. All the shades of green make for a restful tapestry; we are so fortunate to have this place, created by Fujitaro Kubota in the 1930s. We learned that the family was interned at Minidoka during World War II and that Fujitaro created a garden there (in the desert).  After the war, the family returned to a garden that needed intensive work. His son, Tom, continued his legacy, and the Garden is now managed by the Kubota Garden Foundation. Kubota Pond


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